Finance & economics

Finance and economics have come to dominate our decision making. We understand the need to weigh costs and benefits when developing and implementing land use designs.

How would you cope if food prices increase, your income declines or taxes were raised?

By reducing your exposure to unexpected economic shock we can improve your security.

Making dollars and sense

A brief look at how to be a lifestyle entrepreneur and make the ends meet while living on a small rural 'farm'.
I find it helps if hobbies and interests or things that you are doing anyway can be used to generate some or all income. This makes life a lot more enjoyable.
Buying a property with 80% deposit

Buying a property with 80% deposit

Modern society is built on debt and many of us accept it as inevitable. Our consumer culture encourages spending (not saving) with easy credit and a notion that instant gratification will lead to happiness.

With a little self control and planning it is possible to save a large deposit and avoid the shackles of long term debt.

July 11, 2009
Lowering the cost of living

Lowering the cost of living

I'm pleased to be able to verify (to myself at least) the lower cost of country living.
This chart is based on 4 years of personal expense figures and shows a 50% reduction in average quarterly living costs.
May 02, 2010  Economics