Visitor book & feedback

We enjoy getting visitors as a welcome social break from the isolation of rural living.

  • Mila & Mattia

    Mila & Mattia

    Plenty of energy and enthusiasm for permiculture, Mila & Mattia spent a week of hot summer days helping out in the garden, pruning and mulching and building another Hügelkultur / log mound garden.
    February 23, 2019
  • Benjamin


    Of the four stays I had on my wwoofing experience in two months of wwoofing in New Zealand, my stay with Olmec and Melisa was the most comfortable. This couple is kind, welcoming, dedicated and smart. Staying in their container home was a treat and working with Olmec on the land was a great pleasure. All of the tasks set up were interesting, were explained in great detail, and included great conversation about many aspects of permaculture, grafting fruit trees, animals, and life! If you are wwoofing to really learn more about permaculture and sustainability and you would like to work in a closed-loop food forest, stay with Olmec and Melisa! Thank you both!
    USA / Korea
    February 11, 2019
  • Student of permaculture

    Student of permaculture

    Mai spent a week in early autumn at blockhill experiencing the various ways we garden and grow crops, seeking ideas to take back to her homeland and apply to her grandfathers land.
    Thank you such a wonderful day, how nice people you are! I'm glad to have a time with you. Beyond my expectations, it is amazing place. I could get a lot of idea about permaculture, so I want to try doing it on my place. In the future if I get my wonderful land, please come visit!
    March 25, 2018
  • First internship

    First internship

    Another first for blockhill, hosting an overseas intern / student for 3 months. Zach joined us in September for a deep immersion permaculture internship and learning experience as part of his agronomy studies. As anticipated he participated in a wide range of activities and events.
    December 19, 2017
  • Knowledge tours

    Knowledge tours

    Details  Students from the Kaikoura Creation Care Study Program spent an afternoon at Blockhill touring and learning about forest gardening, water catchment and other aspects of sustainable land use.
    Date  May 09, 2017
    Tags    education 
  • A student of 'the way'

    A student of 'the way'

    Kim was studying organic horticulture at the Lincoln BHU and wanted to get some real life experience by helping out in our garden and working on some permaculture projects. Together we collected materials and constructed a decent sized hugelkultur mound.
    March 15, 2015
  • Liz and Andy

    Liz and Andy

    We couldn't have hoped for a better first WWOOFing experience. It was great to learn about your farming approach, I'm encouraged to try more. Loved the cool fire bath too - a real novelty.
    Ireland & South Africa
    January 14, 2014
  • Our short stay on Blockhill Farm was the highlight of our NZ holiday. The place was wonderful. Our hosts were generous with their time, knowledge and produce. The food was delicious. The studio accommodation was beyond expectation. Very comfortable and beautiful. Thanks to Olmec and Melisa
    January 02, 2014
  • Inspiration for the future

    Inspiration for the future

    We were delighted to host Chris and Sherry for 3 days at the end of their New Zealand adventure. Together we extended garden cover, pruned trees and processed branches into future raised planting beds and discussed the various approaches and techniques for fruit tree propagation.
    Our visit with you provided exactly the kind of inspiration we were hoping for as we wrap our heads around our own ideas for our future home. Blockhill is a special place and will stand out as a highlight of our travels this year.
    December 14, 2013
  • Hitch-hiking through

    Hitch-hiking through

    Ben and Anna spent a productive few days helping around the garden, pruning trees and processing firewood while finding plenty of time to relax and enjoy the food, coffee and comfort.
    Living out in the wee cabin was a perfectly peaceful and rustic experience. We will remember our time here with the utmost fondness.
    United States
    October 30, 2013
  • The in-depth experience

    The in-depth experience

    Soni & Kyle have the dubious privilege of being the first paying guests to stay with us. We shared an enjoyable two days discussing and exploring our permaculture inspired planting and water catchment systems as well as an introduction to scything.
    A special thanks for the food, super delicious... also very colourful, loved the use of herbs.
    May there always be enough water, sunshine and bees to compliment the labour and love you put into the land.
    Soni & Kyle
    October 04, 2013
  • A day with the bees

    A day with the bees

    Simply appreciate what you've done for us with warm heart. You and your wife are amazing people who live the nature. We have learnt a lot from you. Hope to see you again one day! With a bunch of thanks
    In Suk & 2 friends
    October 01, 2013
  • The work-a-thon

    The work-a-thon

    Jules creating some 'dutch fireworks' with the angle grinder. Among (many) other things Jules helped trim back a section of the shed roof so we could install an improved rain catchment system.
    I have had such an amazing time here the past week! You are such a great young couple full of energy and ideas, which has made the experience loads of fun.
    April 27, 2013
  • Basket weaving

    Basket weaving

    Theo and Marie spent five hot summer days working with us and sharing their French recipes.
    February 03, 2013
  • Willi from Germany

    Willi from Germany

    Our second WWOOFer, Willi helped out on a large number of jobs despite the frequent rain. Besides all the digging there was tree cutting, rock work, concreting and construction.
    This is an amazing place for wwoofing. I love the view and the nice bush walks with Olmec. The food from Melisa is awesome! :)
    August 10, 2012
  • It's WWOOFer time

    It's WWOOFer time

    We had our first WWOOFer, a lively young American, who was most helpful. During her stay she helped process a large amount of firewood, puttied the windows in the guest building, organised the workshop and quite a bit more.
    July 16, 2012
  • Merry Peddlers

    Merry Peddlers

    Despite the damp Micheal, Frauke, Gina and Cris completed the 160km Kaikoura circuit.
    November 20, 2010
  • Of motorcycle and fiddle

    Of motorcycle and fiddle

    Kerry stopped in on her way south, spent a couple of days enjoying the nice autumn weather and entertaining us with her fiddle before packing her motorcycle and continuing on.
    April 18, 2010
  • Tamara


    Tamara visited us as a WWOOFer (Willing worker on organic farms) and spent several days helping out in the garden and cleaning bricks.
    February 23, 2010
  • Steve


    It's been a year since Steve stopped in and planted a tree to offset his flight home to New Zealand.

    Returning to the new and improved Blockhill, Steve made use of the hammock and stretched his legs with a cycle ride.
    January 06, 2010
      Steve  visitor 
  • Emily


    Emily came to stay between Christmas and New Year and was able to do a short day trip to the Hot Pools at Hanmer Springs. During her stay at Blockhill she explored down into the gullies of native bush and also got to enjoy the early season plums that had started to ripen in the orchard.
    December 30, 2009
      Emily  visitor 
  • Aaron and Eric from California

    Aaron and Eric from California

    Aaron (right) and Eric (left) hung out on a hot and sunny southern hemisphere Christmas.
    December 25, 2009
  • Lisa and JoAn (California)

    Lisa and JoAn (California)

    Friends of the family on holiday down under. Lisa and JoAn spent Kiwi Christmas with us.

    Big thanks for the pepper mill!
    December 25, 2009
  • Bunny time

    Bunny time

    Having recently returned from a 'round the world' trip. Deschia decided to hang out with us and re-acclimatise.

    Deschia is holding a baby rabbit that Gibson caught and was slowly playing to death.

    Thanks for bringing us a hammock from Thailand!
    December 07, 2009
      Deschia  rabbit 
  • Cycling by

    Cycling by

    Elisabeth stopped in on the first leg of her ambitious cycle tour of New Zealand.
    November 15, 2009
  • Visiting nephews

    Visiting nephews

    Mason and Samuel enjoy the river and sandpit when they come to visit.
    November 09, 2009