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Friendly kereru regularly visit the orchard

Friendly kereru regularly visit the orchard

Details  Seen sitting here in one of the older plum trees, one of the local wood pidgin helps thin blossoms before flying heavily to the next tree.Date  September 18, 2014Tags    kereru  plum  blossoms  orchard  native birds 
Plum Wine

Plum Wine

With an excess of plums and apparently to much spare time, I decided to try and make wine. The process is reasonably simple, so I have high hopes.
No doubt as other fruit come ready I'll be experimenting with other flavours.
January 30, 2010  Plums  wine  fermentation 


A bumper crop of plums this year. We have been eating them, freezing them, giving them away and trading into the community.
With several trees yet to ripen there is no end in sight.
January 08, 2010  plums  trade  organic fruit  freezing 
Drying Plums

Drying Plums

The plum harvest has started and we are using every technique to preserve and offset some of the bounty.
Drying is one easy, low tech way to save fruit for another day. I made some trays with fine wire mesh that can be hung in the sun.
January 02, 2011  plums  drying  preserving 


August 08, 2017Grafted direct 1 plum rescued from last years damaged grafting. Also stored plum scion wood for the following cultivars:
  • Elephant heart
  • Black Doris
  • Damson
  • Satsuma
Grafted direct apple scions including 1 from previous winters grafting rescued from pig damage. Also late red crab from Iona
  Graft  Apple  Plum  2017 

Plum - Black Doris

Details  Japanese plum of medium size, with purple black skin and dark red sweet, juicy flesh. Ripening mid to late season.Price  $3.00200mm lengthPrice for 4 or more  $2.50200mm length if you buy 4 or more Tags    plum  scion  grafting 
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