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annual  purple  bees  seed 
Phacelia seed

Phacelia seed

Common name  Blue tansy or purple tansy
Botanical name  Phacelia
Details  Quick and easy to grow, this fantastic bee plant can get up to a meter tall, covered in purple flowers. As it produces a large amount of plant matter it is also useful as green manure or mulch. Produces plenty of seed for next season.
Tags    annual  purple  bees  seed 
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Details  Quick growing manure crop or as a sanctuary for predator insects to feed and plan their assaults from. Dig or plough in anytime. Sow from September through to April at a rate of 30g per 10m2 or 1kg per 300m2.
Common name  Phacelia
Botanical name  Phacelia tanacetifolia
Height (m)  1
Date  July 08, 2013
Tags    bees 
Shade / Sun  Full sun
Soil type  Most
Flowers  Purple