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Apricot Seedling - Jumbo

Apricot Seedling - Jumbo

Harvest    January   February  
Details  Healthy seedling tree of unknown parentage that produces very large flattish freestone fruit ripening in January. Blossoms late August to early September. First fruiting 2017 (7 years old).
Date  June 01, 2010
Tags    apricot  seedling 


Collecting and storing seeds for planting in the seasons ahead is an essential component of gardening.
I have a reasonable assortment of purchased, traded and gathered seeds that was in dire need of a tidy up.
September 19, 2010
Painted Mountain Corn Seed

Painted Mountain Corn Seed

Common name  Maize
Botanical name  Zea mays
Details  Brightly coloured cobs bred for hardiness, earliness and high nutrition flour. A dry corn rather than a sweetcorn. Height around 1.5m. Early maturing 90 days from sowing.
Frost sensitive  
Seeds / nuts / tubers  
Tags    corn  seed  vegetable  annual 
Price  $3.90  30 seeds
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Oaks from acorns

Oaks from acorns

Growing oaks from seed using locally collected acorns.
This is a low cost approach to establishing a wood lot from seed. By mowing the thick grass and then scattering the hundreds of acorns and covering with grass mulch.
May 13, 2010
  oak  acorn  seedlings  timber 
Holy radish!

Holy radish!

An impressive specimen of the common radish. This plant just got out of control. Because it got to be such a large plant I decided to hang onto it for seed. May the next generation be equally extreme.
February 16, 2011
  radish  vege  seed 
Phacelia seed

Phacelia seed

Common name  Blue tansy or purple tansy
Botanical name  Phacelia
Details  Quick and easy to grow, this fantastic bee plant can get up to a meter tall, covered in purple flowers. As it produces a large amount of plant matter it is also useful as green manure or mulch. Produces plenty of seed for next season.
Tags    annual  purple  bees  seed 
Price  $3.90  100 seeds
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Catnip seeds

Catnip seeds

Botanical name  Nepeta cataria
Details  A short-lived perennial, plant that grows to be 50–100 cm tall and wide, which blooms pink or white from late spring through autumn.
Loved by felines, catnip is also used in herbal teas. It can be a repellent for certain insects, including aphids.
Drought tolerance  
Tags    cat  seeds  herb 
Price  $3.90  30-50 seeds
Horse Chestnut Seedlings

Horse Chestnut Seedlings

The horse chestnuts I gathered from the local domain are popping up through the grass. I scattered a large number of seed in an area of the paddock then mowed the grass down over top in the hope of both reducing the competition and creating a layer of mulch.
Several sprouted and grew for a couple of years, struggling in the exposed, windy, dry conditions. In hindsight, it wasn't surprising but also for the best, since a horse chestnut tree is not the most practical.
September 20, 2010
Planting shelves

Planting shelves

I grow a lot of plants and trees from seeds. One space saving way that I have come up with is to use the vertical wall space at the back of the house where my nursery is located. Adding these metal 'gutters' as plant growing shelves has given plenty more growing area situated at perfect working height.
March 23, 2019