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Bumblebee nest

Our efforts to create a hospitable environment for bumblebees seems to be paying off. The fuzzy little creatures can be seen on almost any of the numerous types of flowers we have spreading across the property. To top if off we discovered a nest inside the concrete block wall of the chook house and piggery.

There is a contented buzzing humming emanating from the wall and every now and then individuals can be seen bumbling in and out.
November 20, 2012
  Bumblebee  nest  hive 
Wild-flowers spreading

Wild-flowers spreading

As part of our commitment to the humble bumble and our general enjoyment of displacing grass, we have established a bunch of micro pioneer gardens. These are bubbles of hardy, self seeding, bee friendly blooms that will (hopefully) expand and spread until they join and fill the available space.
This approach of trying to passively replace grass using seed dispersing annual flowers did not work. Poppies returned for a few seasons before vanishing.
December 14, 2012