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Naughty ferret

Naughty ferret

The ongoing battle against nature.
Unfortunately if we want to protect our chickens (and local bird-life) we need to control the pests that prey on them.

We trapped this ferret with some old cat food, out near our chook house.

You can guess what happened next. At least he'll contribute his elements to our compost.
March 23, 2011
  ferret  trap  pest 
The King is Dead!

The King is Dead!

This morning the king (rooster) was noted absent from breakfast around 8:30. The discovery a mass of scattered feathers at the far end of the track at 11 made his disappearance more sinister. Was it a plot by the 3 young brothers, to unseat their father as head of the tribe. Or was it some kind of wild animal?
Warning: disturbing images
June 04, 2010
  Rooster  Death  Stoat  Ferret  Pests