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Old Gate vs New Gate

Details  Another use of that glorious construction material, old irrigation pipe.
The old gate was heavy and difficult to open and while it technically worked to prevent wandering stock from entering off the road (if it was closed) there were a number of factors that motivated me to fabricate a replacement.

By using several thickness pipes and threading the thinner vertical pieces through holes bored in the horizontal elements we have a reasonably robust assembly secured together with 200 stainless steel screws.
Date  January 22, 2022
Tags    pipe  construction  recycle 

Starplate geodesic garden structure

Details  It's always nice to have a protected are where birds can't interfere with the growing of produce. We have tried numerous techniques and constructions over the years. One that looks promising (and cool) is this geodesic frame made with starplates, polypipe and plastic netting.

Light, durable and almost circular (5 sided base) this seems like an ideal little garden space for Melisa
Date  December 31, 2021
Tags    2021  December  Construction  Garden  Pipe