Food & sustenance

We all need and enjoy food, even our food needs food. From establishing a backyard garden to a large food forest we can help guide you towards achieving some degree of food security.

Growing vegetables, fruit and nuts is a low cost, high yield activity that can be carried out at almost any scale and with careful consideration takes very little effort. Locally grown, chemical free food is a key component to health and vitality.

Natural woven flax weed mat

Natural woven flax weed mat

Details  Here's a simple technique for reducing weeds in a small garden. Biodegradable woven flax mats with seeds or small plants added in the gaps.Date  September 11, 2018Tags    2018  September 

Constructing and working with a chookhouse gardening system

Combining chookhouse and glasshouse is one of the classic permaculture examples of stacking functions, closing loops and all that but not something I had ever come across. It makes sense on a lot of levels:
  • Why have 2 buildings when you can have one
  • Waste products from chickens are great inputs for plants (manure, heat, CO2...)
  • Chickens eat insects and plant material and are great for preparing soil for planting
  • Plants grow well in sheltered, warm environment
May 05, 2016
Chimney Oven

Chimney Oven

I first came across this novel concept when I was a kid and friends of my parents had one. Seems like a pretty common sense idea so I've been on the look out for something like this for years. Finally I got the chance to purchase this stainless steel beauty. On the initial test firing we easily got the temperature up to 350 centigrade and it hovers nicely round 200 with the vents closed and the fire idling.July 17, 2017  fire  cooking  baking  oven  off grid  sustainable  efficiency 
Eating Meat

Eating Meat

We decided to cook our young rooster since he was eating plenty and not making any eggs.
He was about 6 months old, one of our first set of baby chickens.
Follow my easy steps for killing, plucking, gutting and cooking.
April 06, 2010  Chooks  meat  butchering