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Home office refit

Home office refit

After almost two years of working out of the previous owners spare bedroom I have finally invested the effort in a thorough refit of my home office.
Considering how many hours of the week are spent in here it makes sense to have a comfortable space that inspires creativity.
May 30, 2011


Clear calm winter days usually result in severe frosts. After all the rain and with things still being so damp there has been some impressive ice.
July 11, 2010
  Frost  Winter  Ice 
Solstice Gathering

Solstice Gathering

In an attempt to break up the gloomy monotony of the long dark winter months we organised a family get together.
Lots of food, good company and the obligatory bonfire.

The burned circular area has subsequently been dug and mulched in preparation for planting in spring.
July 03, 2010
Mouse trappin'

Mouse trappin'

With this year being a mast year for native beech trees there have been an epic number of mice about.
I've lost count of how many we (and the cat) have caught. I have even witnessed the chooks chase down and eat a couple that I disturbed in a grass pile.
May 10, 2010
  Mouse  Mice  Traps  Mast Year 

Italian Alder

Common name   Italian Alder
Botanical name   Alnus Cordata
Family   Betulaceae
Details   Fast, deep-rooted, nitrogen-fixing tree.  Moderate drought tolerance.  Trims well, excellent shelter for native under-story. Popular for horticultural shelterbelts and soil conservation on hill country. Roots penetrate deeply and so do not spread sideways into valuable crops.
Deciduous. Holds leaves from September to June.  Cold hardy after first season.
Space at 1.5-4m centres for shelter.
Date   July 06, 2010
Height (m)   25
Drought tolerance  
Nitrogen fixer  
Shade / Sun   Full sun
Wind tolerance   Moderate
Water smart design and land use

Water smart design and land use

Plan for dry and survive drought with carefully designed and implemented rainwater catchment systems built directly into the landscape. Three core elements to mitigating the effects and impact of drought:
  1. Identify and intercept water flows to keep moisture on the landscape
  2. Improve soils ability to absorb and retain water
  3. Reduce the impact of hot, dry winds
Find out how simple land use patterns and strategic planting can achieve all these benefits and more.
  water  rain  land  farm  service