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Pigs in the young food forest

Pigs in the young food forest

Our 3 pigs sleep in a long concrete shed, the north side of which is 4 garden beds enclosed in plastic through which the chickens are rotated.
During the day the animals are free to roam up to 1 hectare of emerging food forest which is broken into 8 sections (paddocks) of various sizes.
Many of our pig fences are constructed from short log posts driven into the ground and joined by a horizontal run of old corrugated iron since there was stacks of it here. Wire fences will not contain a pig, they can force their way under and through.
We find that by providing plenty of space and regulating their access to different areas means they get plenty of variety, don't over graze and start interfering with young trees or rooting up the ground.
September 19, 2016
  pigs  food forest 
Rota takes a bath in a swale

Rota takes a bath in a swale

Details   We have a number of swales out where the pigs live but this one is their current favourite. Nothing better for the pig than a mud bath on a hot sunny day. It seems that the action of the pigs hooves (feet) and their rolling in the mud actually help seal the swale so it holds water better.
Date   October 31, 2013
Tags     pig  swale 
Grubba, the ginger pig

Grubba, the ginger pig

Someone nearby was giving away pigs so we went to check them out and fell in love with this little guy. Having 2 female pigs already we decided to take this little boys manhood away for every ones sake.
April 24, 2014

Grunt - tail of misunderstood pigs

Details   Our kune kune pigs featured in a student mini documentary. Filmed in 2019, it's finally available online for your viewing pleasure...

Grunt - tail of misunderstood pigs is a 10 minute film depicting how pigs are social and intelligent beings. As domesticated animals, pigs are often seen as an object or a good rather than an animal. This documentary sheds light on the fact that pigs can be great pets. It is uncomfortable for many
Tags     video  pigs 
Pig on a leash

Pig on a leash

Ever since we got our first kune kune pigs we had imagined tethering them, or using them on a leash to 'mow' grass in various areas where free ranging pigs would be a disaster. Our most recent addition, Potamus, is proving to be very willing and trainable and quickly got the hang of the harness and the resulting reward of visiting fresh pasture.
August 05, 2018
  pigs  grass  zone2 
Grubba the ginger pig

Grubba the ginger pig

Date   October 12, 2014
Tags     pig 
Rota and Mowa the kunekune pigs

Rota and Mowa the kunekune pigs

Ready to move to the next level of small scale, high intensity land management, it's pig time.
We picked up a deal with some guy giving away these 6 month old kunekune girls.
Very friendly, seemingly live on grass and hopefully turns the ground for planting.
October 25, 2012
  pig  kunekune 
Multi function pruning

Multi function pruning

Details   It's summer and dry. The pigs are unhappy due to lack of fresh green grass. We are supplementing their diet with purchased grains but found they enjoy fresh prunings from various trees.

We combine the chore of summer pruning fruit trees with a treat for the pigs and have found they love to eat most stone and pip fruit leaves as well as grape and willow.
Date   March 21, 2021
Tags     2021  pig  summer