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Wild blackberries are a bit of a curse round here, growing rampantly wherever they can. However at this time of year they redeem themselves somewhat by offering up sweet berries.
In addition to the thorny wild plants, we have a thornless variety in the garden that produces larger, more accessible berries.
February 16, 2010

Only so many hours in the day

A recent trip to Christchurch took me past Southern Woods tree nursery so I had to buy something. Today I planted out the 5 blueberries (3 varieties) and picked out locations for the 2 fejoa bushes.

The tree felling neighbour offered me the slash and pine cones from recent trees he chopped down so we ended up with 2 trailer loads of pine for winter. And it only travelled a couple of hundred meters.

Pruned one of the olive trees, more for cosmetic reason than to improve the yield.

Melisa put a lot of time into the latest chicken run and got it to a point where we could add the chooks.

Put some silicone sealant on a leaking joint in the solar water heater (so much for zero maintenance)
March 12, 2010
Flavour of the day - Raspberry

Flavour of the day - Raspberry

Details  Over the past few weeks we've been getting the odd handful of berries off our small patch of raspberry canes.
Today I noticed they were dripping with fruit. Some so ripe they fell off as I brushed past the plant.
It's going to be raspberries and ice-cream for desert.
Date  March 08, 2010
Tags    Raspberry  Berries  Cane Fruit 


I love this time of year because finally, after the dormancy of winter, the taste of summer becomes evident.
We got a bumper first crop of strawberries (it's still going). All I did was apply some wood ash around the plants when they started flowering, it seems to have helped...
November 30, 2010
Rosa Rugosa Seeds

Rosa Rugosa Seeds

Details  Large edible hips, which resembles cherry tomatoes, 2–3 cm diameter, in late summer and early autumn. Plants often bear fruit and flowers at the same time. The leaves typically turn bright yellow before falling in autumn.
Fruit / berries  
Tags    perennial  shrub  berries  health  flowers  thorns 
Price  $3.9030 seeds
Flowers  White
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