This morning, I let the chooks out, and one of the clucky ones came off the nest to eat. Like I said, we have tried to uncluck them several times by putting them in a separate box for a few days, but it hasn't worked.

The thing is...their temperature has to come down to uncluck them. as I was of the clucky ones came off the nest to eat. I had wandered off a bit to feed the babies. And then I heard this flapping and splashing and looked back at the chook house and saw quite a commotion coming from the bathtub full of water (we have a bathtub to catch rainwater off the roof). There was water and feathers flying.

Well, turns out Miss Cluck had fallen into the bath!!!! I went to rescue her. By the time I got there she had stopped flapping and was just floating there like an ugly chicken duckling waiting to be rescued. She had a look of 'now what?' She was all soggy and feathers in a twist. I pulled her out and she ran off and didn't return to the nest.

So this got me thinking....cold temperature....temperature needs to come the whole 'take a cold shower' approach.....hmmmmmm.

So i googled it.

And guess what??!?!? That is actually one of the methods for unclucking a cluck. You dunk them into a cold bath. And then toss them outward so that they fly a bit and the draft and cold air against the wet feathers cools them down.

You know, the funny thing is....she did it to herself! She put herself in the bathtub! Maybe she was tired of being clucky.

So I tried it with the other clucky one. And so far, it seems to have worked.

They are off the nest at last!


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