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Peach - Golden Queen
$3.00   200mm length

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Buy scion wood for grafting

We offer scion/bud wood taken from a selection of fruit tree varieties growing in our North Canterbury forest garden.

Scions purchased from June will be cut from dormant trees and should be stored appropriately for grafting in early spring.

Scions purchased during spring (September - October here at blockhill) can be grafted directly (green wood) as soon as possible after delivery.

Grafting techniques, compatibility, storage etc.

Scion wood is availabe from June - September. Please check back.

We currenlty offer the following:

Apple - Belle de Boskoop
Apple - Braeburn
Apple - Freyberg
Apple - Fuji
Apple - Granny Smith
Apple - Royal Gala
Apple - Tydeman's Late Orange
Apricot - Jumbo (seedling)
Apricot - Moorpark
Apricot - Royal Rosa
Nashi - Hosui
Peach - Golden Queen
Pear - Beurre Hardy
Pear - Doyenne du Comice
Pear - Taylor's Gold
Pear - Williams' bon Chretien (Bartlett)
Plum - Black Doris
Plum - Dan's Early
Plum - Kereru Gold

10 x Plant / tree labels (red)

10 x Plant / tree labels (red)

Details  Coloured plastic plant and tree identification labels.
Price  $1.50for 10
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